Can Teachers Be Replaced by Technology?

Nowadays, there is an argument about ‘Can education continue without teachers?’. This has been a common problem for 20 years. Many people, especially new generation, support the idea that student do not have to attend to schools as a result of the changes in technology while some others believe that education cannot be provided without the guidance of a teacher. Development in technology has a lot of beneficial effects on our lives but can technology substitute teachers?
First of all, most of the academicians and teachers support the idea of ‘Nothing can replace teachers’. A student spends 10 hours a day at school because of this teachers become a role model in their lives. Many students become successful because they have valuable teachers who show them the right and wrong. They learn how to behave, how to speak and how to write from their teachers. If we look at this situation from a pedagogical perspective, education without any teacher cannot touch a student’s life and this learning process can only be effective for a short-time if the students are left without a teacher.
On the other hand, another part of the argument supports the idea that with technology students can spend less time on transportation. Since they do not have to go to school five days a week and spend most of their time traveling from home to school, they can save a lot of time. Saving this amount of time will give them an opportunity to spare time for themselves and engage in more activities according to their personal likes and interests. The reason that keeps them on this side is that with the help of the developments in technology also in near future, robots can have some emotions.

As a conclusion, in my opinion, teachers cannot be replaced by technology because younger students need more special needs and care that technology itself cannot provide. However, schools and education system can be improved in different ways. For example, the hours spend in schools can be diminished to make education more effective and the students happier.
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