Can the Metaverse Destroy the Perception of Reality


Metaverse known as a new. Why being popular in an instant?  In metaverse you can buy virtual land and then you can use or you can sell your land. Who started Metaverse ? Mark Zuckerberg and Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney


Firstfl What is the Metaverse

At first glance, it may be seen as an improved version of Virtual Reality (Virtual Reality VR) technology, but some think that metaverse technology is the future of the internet. Instead of being at a computer, you can enter a virtual world where all digital environments are connected to each other in the fictional reality meteverse with equipment consisting only of headphones and glasses. Facebook, which has changed its name to ‘Meta’, has made the construction of the metaverse one of its top priorities


Why People Cleave about Metaverse

About metaverse, people are in a two-way situation. 50% people say “Metaverse can destroy the reality” because these people are think metaverse will connect people to the virtual world and can’t survive here. And this reason somebody scare. We can give the example: Ready Player One movie talk about metaverse. People are connect there and generally communicate virtual world. Everyone doing job here, anyone doing the real job (polices, doctors etc. out) and end of the film for metaverse almost he is die. This reason of somebody don’t want metaverse be always survive.


And the other 50% people think about metaverse good because in the future people will be rich because of this. And people think you can use for trade, fun and etc. . These people invest metaverse because the think in the future metaverse will be appraisal. And always they follow the coin market and NFT  market. These people believe metaverse work for good things. And you can use  NFT  your land and again you can do your NFT.


So world cleave about metaverse some people metaverse is good but some people said metaverse is dangerous about reality. All of things show us metaverse has bad things and good things

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