Can Tough Rules Solve Our Problems?

Every society needs some rules for happy and proper people. If everybody obeys these rules, there is no problem anymore. On the other hand, some other terms are related to laws and rules, like freedom and right. Right is anything that you can do legally and if you face something that attacks your rights, you must defend and use your rights with the help of the government. And freedom is: you can do anything that you want that is both legal and do not limit others right. But sometimes, people may not obey the rules and use their rights correctly. As a result of it, we see some crime scenes. So can we say that more rigid and tough rules and laws can get over these crimes or with more limitations and rigid laws, can we handle all these crimes?


To answer that question, we must have some idea about what we are talking about. Being an illegal person is all about psychology and laws. If laws are not enough or if the person has some mental problems, that person may be a criminal. If you had growth in a poor district, he or she can learn to steal something for eating something. Of course, this situation does not make it legal but we can say sometimes laws do not fair for everyone.


As a result of it, we must be aware of the kind of people that living in our society and we must produce some solutions for increasing their living standards with laws. Otherwise, that people can affect other people too.


If we do tough laws to prevent that criminal actions, we must be ready to do the worst things actually. We can say basically for the human brain, loves doing illegal things. When we prohibit doing something, people want to do it more. So when you ban something to do, you can observe that people will want to do it more. Afghan refugees are a good example of it. In their country, the government ban so many things, and as we can see some violent activities by Afghans. But it is not about race or it is not just about them. There is a lot of countries that are ruled like that. Afghan people are just an example among them.  So I can say, making rules more tough does not solve problems I think.


For preventing crime, we must be equal to everybody by laws. We must give every person to same rights and we must protect them. That’s all we can do for observing lower crime records, for the peace and comfort of all of the people.

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