Can Trophy Hunting Be Justified?

Hunting has always being a part of human life since the beginning. Nowadays many people are hunting and call it a sport. But can we really define hunting as a sport?

At early ages, hunting was a necessity for humans. It not only provided food for them but also animals’ skins was used for clothing. Moreover, animal bones and horns were used to made useful materials for their daily needs. After some time, humans started to develop farming techniques that also became a food source besides hunting. Since those time,  there have always been people who are hunting. Even tough hunting is not a necessity for anything now, many people still go hunting and see it as a sport.

On the other hand, many people think that hunting is nothing but a blood sport. Since there is no need for hunting anymore, these people are against this cruelty to animals. Although I understand  that people might find shooting fun and see it as a sport, I think killing animals for pleasure shouldn’t be legal. Seeing many people showing off their preys as if the did a great job ,makes me  feel uncomfortable. Raising awareness seems the best method to end the abuse of animals in sport. In order to stop more animals getting endangered and being killed for fun, we should explain people that no one has the right to end any living being’s life for pleasure.

To conclude, I do not agree the the idea of hunting unless it is necessary for living considering the geography and conditions that a person lives in.

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