Can we overcome it ?

Global warming is an issue about the increase of the temperature around the whole world. By the start of the industrial revolution global warming slowly increased. Mainly carbon dioxide and other gases(greenhouse gases) producing global warming. Global warming is not affecting only humans, animals, and nature affected because of global warming. Some countries are getting prevention but are the prevention enough for such a big issue it is not clear.

Firstly when we look at the graphs, data we can understand that between 1880 and 2020 the earth’s temperature increased by 1.6 degrees. You can say that 1.6 degrees are not a big value but 1.6 degrees is changing the earth system.İf we wouldn’t stop this global issue scientist saying that in 2100 the temperature will increase 5 degrees, if we look for the more recent years nearly in 2050 temperature will increase by 1.5 degrees, it will have terrible effects, for example, some countries will go underwater it will start big migrations, nutrients will decrease. İt means that globally we need to change something in a fast way because time is limited for the earth.

Globally some preventions need to be taken and should be used.İf we want to stop this problem fastly we should stop using fossil fuels nearly in 5-10 years the time can be changed for countries. As some countries stop using fossil fuels and start using renewable sources. İn 2020 because of the temperature increase forest fires increase because of the fires , global warming increased. Countries should protect their green areas, if they don’t have they need to start supporting green projects. İf the fires will be permanent for all summer it will help to increase global warming. For the fabric, they should use filters. If they do not have filters they should pay money to governments. Some governments take prevention about cars. In the latest 2040 only electric cars will be used but it will have some difficulties, therefore, some countries did not accept the prevention. For this issue fastly we need to produce cheaper electric cars. Regarding renewable sources, countries need to support each other.

As a result, ı think that we are not late to overcome global warming but we need to get the right decision in fast time if not we will face bad days finally we need to use renewable sources. About electric cars, they need to popular around the world if we get this prevention we can overcome this problem easily.

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