Captain Marvel

Are you interested in superhero movies especially to the ones with good action scenes and effects? Then Captain Marvel is the movie that you are looking for. It is Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first solo, female-led movie and it has a highly successful opening week in box office.

The movie is about a Kree called Vers’ finding out she had a life on Earth as Carol Danvers. In the movie there is a big war between Krees and Skrulls. As she is trying to find out the truths about her past she also learns more about the war. 

In my opinion the disappointing part of the movie was that she did not face with a huge problem which she tried so hard to overcome. Captain Marvel is a hero and I believe that part of being a hero is to come through a difficulty which break them down. Losing her memory was a huge deal however, I felt like she overcame simply.

Nevertheless, story lines explains the message they want to give very clearly with flashbacks and by the help of Carol’s behaviors. As far as I understand the message is do not let anybody to tell you what you are capable of. Throughout the whole movie especially in the flashbacks Carol always finds a way to get up and at the end she finally stops listening all these voices which bring her down and became the most powerful version of herself.

Special effects of the movie was stunning and different from any other Marvel movies. Especially space ships and Captain Marvel’s powers’ effects were spectacular. Furthermore, movie was taking part in 90s and movie makes you feel the atmosphere of 90s clearly. Not only with buildings and cars in Earth but also with the appearance of people. Moreover the cast is so talented. Starring actors are Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson, Jude Law, Ben Mendelsohn. It seems to me that most of the humor in the movie was coming from the relationship between the cat called ‘Goose’ and Nick Fury. 

Lastly, movie has a Stan Lee cameo just like the every Marvel movie, yet this one is special. In addition, first after credit scene has an important role for the next Avengers movie. Overall, Captain Marvel is a nice superhero movie and she has an important role on next phases of Marvel Cinematic Universe. I am very hyped up to see her in upcoming movies.

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