Career Event Day


Last Monday we went to a career event which was organized by our local university. The main purpose of this trip was to have an idea about what to choose as our job in the future.


We arrived there at 11 am by school bus and welcomed by the head student of that event. There were countless stands for every work opportunity that we could have. Those students were giving useful information and using successful people as their sources. Even some stands have virtual reality presentations, which you can feel like you are there and doing the things that those jobs required you to do. They were questionnaires which shows what you are interested in and which job you would enjoy most.


I found this trip quite useful. We have learnt and observed a lot about the jobs and some of us found out what they want to be in the future. It was great for us to have such an opportunity to listen to someone’s real experiences, the struggles they faced, the mistakes they made that they suggested us not to do the same things. However, time was very limited for us to complete all the things we want to see. Also, it was very crowded that we couldn’t use every source they have, and we could not ask everything we were curious about. Next time it would be great if the time is expanded, and students are separated into groups.

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