Careless Human Race

    Global warming has been a really big problem for world. And it is even getting more serious as the days pass by. Global warming does not just affect humanity but also the living beings that share the world with us such as animals, trees. Global warming is a gradual increase in the overall temperature of the earth’s atmosphere generally attributed to the greenhouse effect caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide, CFCs, and other pollutants. And the researches show that the temperature of earth increases as the days pass by slowly but surely. 

    Research shows that Earth’s average temperature has increased by 0.73°C between the years 1906-2005. On top of all that the temperatures continue to increase even faster. Increase in water levels, melting of icebergs, the increase in temperatures of sea can prove that the earths temperature is increasing. The hottest 11 of 13 years between 1880 and 2011 was between 2001 and 2011. The temperature of the sea increases by 0.13 °C, and the temperature of earth increases by 0,25°C every year.  

    Global warming causes the change in climates and the temperatures. However, eventhough the posibility to stop global warming is really low, we can try to do everything we can do to stop it to make it more possible. The phase global warming or climate change affects other living things badly as a result of humans caring about the present more than the future we tend to not care about us and our surroundings.  

    In addition to all of that the increase in number of humans or just overpopulating, the change of chemical and physical properties of soil, air water and soil pollution, forest fires can also result in the extinction of living things. 

    While having all of these problems not caring about the waste of the resources makes us seem like we do not care about anything that might affect us badly. However there are people that believes that peeople will never change and we will not be able to change the world and fix it. And they find the solution in leaving the planet earth and going to other planets. Yet is it the right thing to do to leave the world instead of trying to save it? 

    Eventhough we have all the power to change the world we just waste it and even make the world even worse to live in. We never should forget about the fact that the solution may not be on the other planets and we might be just wasting our time when we just focus on going to the other planets. As a result I think that we need to focus on more than one solution as it is more possible to fail. And if we all try to help little by little we might just save the earth from this situation or make the time that the earth will not be able to be saved make even further from us. We just need to think that other people are acting like us and help in any way we possibly can. 

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