Denmark wants to stop using cash.  If the law is accepted, cash will not be valid in markets, restaurants, or shopping malls. With this law, people in Denmark will start paying online or with their credit cards only. But is that a good idea? What would happen if this law were enforced in our country?

In my opinion, if we stopped using cash, it would be much better. Because the problem about the microbes on money would disappear. We wouldn’t have to carry lots of papers in our wallet that would be easy to lose. Also, online payment would be a great option to keep our money safe.

On the other hand, it could be easy to have all our money stolen unless we put our credit cards somewhere safe. And if we ever lose them, it would be so hard to find them again without losing or having any money stolen.

But despite these, if we were careful, stopping using cash would make our lives a lot easier instead of having us get into trouble. 

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