Categorised Success

Success,it is a very good think for most of us.However,there is one last think that makes people that Because of anger.So the most important thing is categorization of success.

Since our birth,all of the humanity is under rivalry.As a result of this rivalry people started to create a social pyramid.With the derivatives of this kind of pyramids people started to believe that ıf you are at bottom you are worst and ıf you are at top you are the best.

Now I will summarise what I would like say.When they ask you this which one is more important;To win Nobel prize,be mentioned in guiness.In my opinion none of them.Because even when you look people who is able to reach those places it creates an unpolite rival area.As a result of this I am sure that most of the people are going to agree with me on categorized useless success system.Nonetheless,you may ask me ‘’what is your plan to change it?’’ So we need to start from primary schools.We must show that to children,yes rivalry is completely normal,however, do not allow anyone to categorise you because you are already successful on something.In progress we need to children possible ways with least conflict.Because they should compete with others.

In addition,the only thing is not just finished with children.Because all of the national and international producers push children into rivalry.However,they need to change their behavior.They should not catogorise children not bu their success but with their skills.So of course I am not expecting anybody directly change in this way.However,we just need to try and make use this these suitable.

After this developments mostly we can see that rivalry and pressure rate decrease directly to them al cooperations should move on with skill exams When they would like to make an exam.


As a result of that we can see that,do not think that you are not successful until you find your skill.After that there is no more categorism.After that other cooperations going to convince that somethings are about skills.In addition, this will lead new lessons.For example the mathmetics rate may defrease but music lesson rate will imcrease because children are finding their skill instead of pressure.


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