Cause of Hunger Greed

As we can see in many historical events hunger has always assumed an incitive role. Actually, whenever we look at and compare satiety with hunger, hunger seems to be more incitive than satiety. However, as I will further explain and exemplify with a historical event satiety could be as much incitive as hunger.

In order to give a historical example to this, French Revolution can be presented as the foremost example. The reason why I am giving this example is the fact that in this historical event the prisoners along with the middle class came to an uprise because of hunger and poverty seen throughout the country as you either remember from the history class or are about to learn now. However, as many historical events already are, this particular event is multi-faceted and factored even though hunger seems to be the most incitive factor in this event. As we take a deeper look through this event we can realize it is not only the hunger of the poor class that incites individuals and societies but also the self-indulgence arising from the “overwhelming” satiety. Even though we have only talked about history so far we can witness this fact in our times as well. However, thanks to the technological advantages of our times, we can raise awareness on such kind of an issue to prevent it from happening beforehand at the very least. If you are wondering about how to raise this awareness you can have a look at elements such as social media platforms, films, online news outlets, magazines, etc.


Shortly, we can come to the conclusion that satiety may be an incitive factor as much as hunger from time to time as we can both see from real-life events and eventually witness in the wise words of the famous Austrian author, playwriter, and journalist.

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