Global warming, earth

Causes and Effect of Global Warming

    Global warming is the gradual increase in the earth’s temperature mostly because of greenhouse gases. Global warming is not about some of the countries, it is about the whole world. Most of the people don’t care about it or don’t know anything about it.


    Global warming is caused by greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide.  When people burn coal for our energy that we use in our homes and in our cars we release carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. People can use renewable energy sources for the houses like wind energy but it is more expensive than coal and most of them can’t afford it. Also they can use public transportation, carpool or electric cars to reduce the carbon dioxide when they go somewhere but because of the Covid-19 using public transportation or car sharing are not prefered most of the time and electric cars are high-priced than the normal cars. Another cause of global warming is cutting down trees for buildings. Trees are the oxygen sources of the earth. They absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen back. Deforestation needs to be stopped for the human’s and the earth’s health. Mining also causes greenhouse gases. But the metals are the main structure of the buildings and the transportation. Agriculture can produce methane and nitrous oxide. Animals like cattle and sheep produce methane gas when digesting their food and the fertilizers produce nitrous oxide. Animal’s food can be changed to reduce the methane gas they release. Rather than all of these I think the most important thing is learning how to recycle. People need to throw their plastic bottles to the recycle bins not to the normal bins. Also people need to use their own bags again and again when they do shopping instead of using the market’s plastic bags. 


    Global warming affects biodiversity, oceans and weather. On biodiversity, global warming affects most of the animal’s habitats in a bad way. Global warming causes the sea level to rise. One of the scenarios is a rise in the sea levels up to 1 meter by 2100. Also the acidification of the oceans is caused by global warming. Oceans absorb the carbon dioxide gas and become more acidic. Besides these global warming effects natural disasters and the weather too.


    In short, global warming affects most of the things in a very bad way and it needs to be stopped immediately. If we can’t stop it, it’s going to kill our world.

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