Change in Perspective Not Climate

Have you ever thought about the main point where the climate crisis formed? Not the carbon emission nor the pollution. If you dig a lot of deeper, the main facts that cause climate crisis, you will find out that the main problem which the whole world suffers from is the inequality in education.
When we talk about education, it is not just academic based, it also includes the things you learn from your family while you were growing up. The information and life lessons you know subconsciously and merge with your daily life, affect the whole role you play in the society. Therefore, it all starts in the childhood in your family. This is the part where your point of view about life is formed and differentiated from others.
On the other hand, we give a huge period of our lives to the academic education, some may know the importance of it, some may not. But also, there is a group where they cannot have those opportunities, where they cannot even have a proper school environment. Hence, how can we allow them to have full responsibility about the climate crisis when they cannot even learn about basic facts properly?
When we sum up the education that the family gave, and the school gave, as a result, every single person created their own priorities. If we would like to give an example, in Sudan, a woman would not mind washing her clothes with chemicals in a flowing river. Because she would not know that the river is a natural source which affects the whole water cycle and also the habitat of the animals in it if it gets polluted. This is not because she does not care about environmental issues, it is about awareness and priorities. Those women, unfortunately, do not have the awareness about water pollution and biodiversity she did damage too. However, a Japanese woman with advanced education would know about global warming, its effects and what to do in order to prevent it. She can take actions because she has a knowledge based about the situation that we are dealing with. That is the result of the wider perspective she gained from the educational advantages she had.
If we would like to come up with a different side of the problem, we can talk about the economical issues that society suffers from, especially in developing countries. They have fewer job opportunities to seek after, even if they have the right education, they cannot find a proper job because the job that they have been studying for is not available in their country. In this case, they either leave the country or find some occupations which do not have anything to do with the major that they studied about. That is an enormous inequality for the people who are trying to have an easier and a liveable life. Because, in some place where people cannot find money to have dinner; in some other place someone is putting the trash out which is full of leftovers from that dinner.
The world was not built equal to everyone. But we have to find some solutions about what is waiting for us in the future. We are now at a point where we can use inequality against the climate crisis. Because we have a group of the population who have the voice and the money; therefore, the power to take a huge action in the way of fighting the climate crisis. If they decide to unite, we can stop this nightmare from happening. And while they are doing the major part, the rest of the world can have equal education about this problem, all the effects and what to do about it. In this way, as a society, we can build a magnificent future for the next generations and even for ourselves.

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