Change Is Good

Traditions are not static. With new generations bringing new thoughts, new considerations and better approaches for doing things; customs are constantly advancing and evolving . However, we mostly don’t perceive this as positive change within the context of culture and traditions.  We seem to separate technological advances and new and innovated thinking as something that is independent from our customs…Nevertheless, it  is thanks to  culture and traditions that progress is conceivable.

The traditions that have changed and adjusted through the generations are the main ones that will live on for eternity.  We should not let the younger generations carry the burden of ‘’losing’’ our traditions. Rather, we should embrace the natural evolution of culture and traditions. Let us hold onto the traditions that still are reasonable and logical today and let go of the ones that are preventing progress towards a healthier happier human existence.

Traditions mirror the basic fundamentals of any culture and society. It would be  unfair to call them an obstacle in the way of progress. There are times when individuals simply need to differentiate between  traditions and superstitions. Traditions unite people and create a cultural atmosphere in countries. However, it is essential for the people to let go of the social dogmas and have a viewpoint past the superstitions .

Therefore, it isn’t equitable to call tradition an obstacle to progress. The most important part is to travel back in the tradition, understand the fundamentals and then learn from it. If we understand our customs properly, they will never ever be an obstacle to progress.

As Winston Churchill says “The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you can see.”


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