Changing Games

To begin with let’s talk about what is a game? First of all, gaming is a structured form of play that is often used for fun or entertainment and sometimes as an educational tool. Like games, the areas of use of games can also differ. Playing games is not just an activity you do in your spare time, it is an activity you can do in every moment of your life. You can integrate the game into every part of your life and if you can apply it sparingly, you will be happier and have more time for yourself.

With the development of the world, games have developed like many things and different categories such as computer games have emerged. This development divided the games into two different categories, traditional games, and computer games. As technology develops, sales and playing rates of computer games
have increased substantially. Because of this, the rate of playing traditional games has started to decrease.

When we compare computer and traditional games, there are situations where both are advantageous and disadvantageous. In some cases, traditional games are more advantageous than computer games, in some cases, computer games are more advantageous than traditional games. Therefore, before making a choice between them, their advantages and disadvantages should be known.

To briefly mention them, the main advantages and disadvantages of computer games are: 1)Reduces stress and anxiety: Playing computer games for one hour a day allows children to have fun. In addition, it is not very tiring since no physical effort is spent. 2) Teaches analytical thinking: Thanks to computer games, the person gains self-management skills and can use his brain more effectively. 3) Develops their foreign language: They can play games with many different people via the Internet, so they can improve their language. Computer games have positive aspects as well as negative aspects. For example: Since computer games are mostly played over the internet, personal information can be leaked and if played too much, it can cause serious problems.

All development areas of traditional children’s games; leadership, being respectful, cooperation, facilitating social integration, creating curiosity, etc. We can say that it has contributed in many ways. Thanks to these games, we socialized more easily with our environment, we got to know ourselves more easily and we got along with people better. These games are unfortunately overshadowed by the development of technology compared to computer games.

As a result, when we encounter computer games and traditional games, we can understand that computer games are more preferred due to today’s conditions.

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