Changing Reality

                        Changing Reality


Metaverse is a virtual universe in which people can enter this 3-D universe with virtual reality devices. In this universe, you can buy plots and do lots of things. Metaverse appeared in 1992 by Neal Stephenson that being in the “Snow Crash”, which is a sci-fi book.


Let me tell you about the pros and cons of Metaverse. Metaverse can bring people together to do something like playing computer games with themselves because everybody going to live in this virtual universe. And it can offer that mysterious aura of alien worlds because in the universe you can design it what you want and in this universe, you can visit the space virtually. And of course, it makes the universe more enjoyable because in this universe you can not commit a crime because the universe controlling by computers, and they don’t let it happen. Finally, it makes the universe more interesting because you have lots of activities to do there.


Of course, everything is not perfect so Metaverse has cons too. Metaverse (like all electronic devices) can generate addiction and it is bad for our health. And (this is really bad I think) it makes you lose time our ancestors said that “Time is our essence” that means time is really important. And security issue, in this universe privacy can not be protected because hackers can gather your personal information by hacking your account in this universe.


Metaverse is a threat that can change the perception of reality. Because it is a virtual universe so the universe does not exist in reality it is on a computer. And it changes the perception of reality. Think that you are going to wear glasses that allow you to join the virtual universe and you are buying a plot after a few hours you unwear the glasses and you do not own any plot. And I think in Metaverse (of course in every digital place) hackers can hack this universe and steal someones plots or delete user accounts from the universe etc.


In conclusion, Metaverse has lots of pros and cons but it is a threat that can change the perception of reality. Do you think Metaverse is good for humanity is the world going to virtualize?

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