Changing Standards

Beauty is the quality or qualities in a person which gives aesthetical pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind and spirit. Our society has been perceiving beauty by different standards now and then. In today’s society virtual platforms like Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and many more have a huge impact on the perception of beauty. But all we can see on virtual platforms are just people’s looks, but can beauty be perceived by not only looks but also thoughts?
People are full of prejudice, it is a fact that most care about looks than thoughts. This is reasonable because when you see someone for the first time, you will judge them by their appearance. But maybe in another parallel, where people can read others’ minds, thoughts will have a stronger impact on how people are judged. As you get to know someone you get to know how they also see things. So you will understand them better.

But still, social media is not based on thoughts. The better you look, the more likes you are likely to get. And people always want more likes because that is when they feel satisfied. So if they look like a homeless person, they know they are not going to get more likes than someone who looks like Barbie, which is sad because younger people on these platforms are getting affected by these comparisons. You know it is toxic when a 12-year-old girl feels bad for not having a glass skin and a body of a model.
When in the earlier 1950s beauty standard was having thick cream foundations, red lipstick, and elegant eyes, in today’s society this is all considered “too much”. Well, about 2022 standards, “less is more”. The “clean” beauty look and sustainability are preferred.

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