Changing World From Homes

In the last age, technology evolved even the radio was invented only a century ago. No wonder that technology evolved into our lives in every way. It would be old school to expect that people still work in conventional ways like they have to travel for meetings or some projects.

By the help of 5G technology, doctors can make surgeries from thousands of metres away. People from all over the world can attend conferences or meetings easily thanks to the internet. Even we can control robots that we send to Mars from 225 million kilometres ( rest in peace Opportunity). So, why would companies force their employees to work in dull, dense offices while they could complete tasks they were given from home. By this way, productivity rate of employees may increase and both time and money will be saved because no one should travel to work.

Nevertheless, as technology develops, new techniques of hacking can be found so some important information about companies might be stolen from third persons which is very dangerous for companies as these situations cause company money and trust loss. In these times most of the companies are not ready to take that risk. On the other hand, in time, people will get lazier which makes them fatter so new diseases or community problems will show up. Also if something goes wrong, we cannot trust robots always to fix everything (in case of physical problems) for us in the age of artificial intelligence. Robots can cooperate with each other but what if they are unwilling to help us as they think for themselves. In addition, even though we managed to control robots, they may not satisfy us like a human done the same job before ( at least for now ).

To sum up everything, I can humbly say working from home is beneficial for both and neither people nor companies. I think at least one company or people should take the risk and try working from home to help humanity to sweep this burden away.

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