I was going to school like every day. I was very popular at school, I had a lot of friends. One day, a boy came to school, he was a socialite with long hair and didn’t like to talk, everyone made fun of him as a caveman. The boy didn’t care, he was like dead.

We went to meet my friends after school and that boy was going somewhere on the way we went. After a while we saw that the boy was going to his house and his father was waiting at the door with a stick. The boy was still dead. his father shouted to him that you must be successful now, you can’t lead a life like that, we got scared and ran away. After my other friends escaped, they went to our meeting place, but I stayed because I was curious. his father started hitting the boy with his stick and the boy stood dead as if he didn’t feel anything. His father got tired and stopped hitting and they went home so I went to my house because there was no point in waiting. The child did not come to school the next day.

After school, I went home and started to think about the child, I thought of very bad things and I went to the child’s house out of curiosity, luckily, the child was leaving the house and was going somewhere, I immediately went to accompany him. I tried to chat with him but he didn’t even look at me. The place the boy went to was a kind of cafe, so I sat at the same table with him, he didn’t say anything. I told him coffee and he didn’t even open his mouth. Our coffee came, I started drinking slowly. The boy’s hair was so long that I couldn’t see anything. I saw tears come out of the child’s eyes, I asked the boy if he was okay, but he still didn’t answer, I heard him whisper, leaning his head on the table, I want to be like you, I want him to be my friend, I want to be successful, I want to be like you. I said something that seems distant and impossible may suddenly become imminent and possible did he really say his voice for the first time. I heard about it and I was very happy because I gave hope to a person.

The next day, the child raised his hand in every lesson, tried to chat with people, it wasn’t very good, he tried, it was changing gradually. Exam week has arrived. We prepared for the exams together. When the exams were over, he went home and his father said at the door, how were the exams, and the boy showed his father the exam papers, his father cried and hugged his son and I was very happy that I changed a person and the child was improving every day, now it was normal, the room was happy and we continued on our way happily.

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