Cheap Irritations, Expensive Spaciousness

When any city becomes popular for some reason, it fills up with people. This makes that city a more developed and livable place. In return, the city earns money and becomes rich. So it attracts more people. Do you ever think about the troubles brought by this overpopulation?

When there are too many citizens required for the development of a region, although they benefit from the enrichment of the region, they also create a lot of noise pollution. This lowers overall work productivity and quality of life. At the same time, people who see too many people as an excuse settle in slums or villages. This mobility creates a big disadvantage. Such migration of most people harms both the environment and the development of the city. First of all, living directly in the city is like using public transport. It is better for everyone to use something that is already harmful to the environment to the fullest, than for everyone to do the same amount of damage to the environment alone. So gathering people in one place is the best solution. The reason for this is also related to the fact that it is difficult to transport equipment such as sewerage and electricity to places far from the city. Against problems like this, if this city has a self-supporting budget and good infrastructure, it can make a big difference and push the homeland up. Without putting the living conditions on it…

While people think about themselves, it provides positivity for their well-being and comfort; lowers living standards. If a person is not running a business and his city is not crowded and old, this will bring his annual earnings down. If that’s the price to pay, I guess there’s a point to living in a city that is not crowded and lawless, right? Yes, places that are quite spacious take the stress off people. And it makes daily work easier in general. For example, when you are out shopping, walking around the mall with your friends, the low density of people makes you feel light and comfortable. Besides this great advantage, there is something to be said. Sometimes these uncrowded and “undeveloped” places can also be developed. Maybe it’s so developed that it makes you feel psychologically special.

So, do you choose the standard of easy living that comes with your own environment being crowded and loud, or did you choose your life to be spacious or spacious, which is expensive for you?

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