Cherry Blossoms and Her Smile

“Her Majesty!” I bowed down as the empress’s servant called. Nervousness surrounded my whole body. Even though I was new at the palace the feeling of nervousness felt familiar. Maybe It was because I was used to walking in the pitch dark, at midnight, in those long but narrow alleys that only people like me, a lowborn, used.

The room was dead silent, other than two beautiful rose gold heels hitting on the ground making a pleasing but intimidating sound. The heels stopped in front of my much smaller figure “Raise your head.” An elegant voice ordered. I started to miss the feeling of nervousness as fear took its place. I raised my head not daring to look in her Highnesses face. “Look at me.” She exclaimed now in a more ordering tone. I felt like this was going to be my last day on earth until I looked in her eyes. She had gorgeous honey-colored eyes with gentleness in them. She looked at me as if I would break if she looked any sharper. I felt safe looking those eyes they reminded me of someone I have known before. I could not recall any memory whatsoever. She must have felt it too, there wouldn’t be any other reason for her, the empress, to let me look into her eyes. “Come with me.” She whispered in a gentle tone. Sending her servants away, she took my hand. The logical thing would be to be scared right now but I was feeling safe for the first time in my life. She took me near the royal cherry blossom tree. It was blooming with pink flowers around this time of the year. The pink was matching her red qipao. She crouched to get the box which was tied up with red silk ribbon. Handing it to me so I can open it. As I was pulling the ribbon off the box, I had that familiar feeling again however this time it was much vibrant. As I uncovered the scriptures inside, I got lightheaded. Trying to look through the drawings, I felt two gentle hands holding me. I was fainting.

My eyes fluttered open in a soft bed. Probably I was in her chambers. I had a long vision while I was out and that moment, I understood that every moment we do not cherish, condemns us to live another life. I know knew how we were meant to be together every life we lived. How I was the old ruler of these lands, how I didn’t cherish her as I should, how she ignored me after being my friend for years, how greed took control of her, how we never learned our lesson. I loved her dearly and she loved me back. Her gentle eyes were now accompanied with a gentle smile. Knowing that we both finally understood how we should live our life. She opened her mouth to let the words out “Let’s run away. Lei.”

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