Child Labror

Some work centers are employs child labor. But this is criminal by law. İf they ınder the age 18 they need to g oto chool. Do not need to work in an center or some where else. Also the child labrors are can not be good in their jobs. Because they dont have any information about it. Also they must take a diploma from univercity.

İf you took a certificate from a univercity you can have a job from a better bussines than child labror. Also the child can not do any think in the job couse they dont have enough experience about the job. Child needs to g oto school when they under age 18. they dont need leran craftsmanship in that age. İf they g oto school ad take grait notes form there they can have a better bussines life. also they can have some adventages if they have a cerfificate which given by the univercity that you go and take lesson. Also there area reason to stop the employ the child labrors. İt is the criminal way.if some one whose job is cntrol these cind of things is came and find an child labror in your bussines it is the end of your bussines and it is also end of the empoying the cild.

As you understand there are many things to stop employing child labor. Chils needs to g oto school not to work or a bussines center. İt is their right. They need to took their certificate and go a bussines center out of age 18.

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