Child Workers

  Some children are forced or voluntarily to work from a very young age for a variety of reasons. There are many children who are employed at work due to the economic difficulties that cause this.

  I think this should be a very severe punishment. Both the family of the child who is forced to work and the owner of the workplace who accepted him to the workplace. Of course, I do not mean this punishment for children who work on their own will. Some children want to jump into life early and work instead of studying. After all, everyone has a freedom and they want to live their lives that way. But I can’t say the same for the other kids. Sometimes they are even threatened with their lives. It is a very sad thing and many children are falling behind from school and education because of it. The simplest example is that they are not even morally developed. It’s not their fault, it’s our elders’ fault. Because at school, they teach not only lessons such as mathematics and Turkish, but also life lessons. But some parents do not realize this, even if they do, it is too late for everything. So there should be a severe punishment for this. I’m sorry to say, but that’s the only way people go. It’s not that little boy’s fault. Responsible for these events are family members and business owners who employ children. Because of this child labor, people are becoming less developed and we are not making progress. The penalty for this should be fines or even imprisonment if it goes too far. Some people are just reined in when they hear the word punishment. This is an example of immaturity. Child labor should have great sanctions so that these and similar situations do not occur.

 This event still continues today. Because of this, children cannot live their childhood. I wish I had the opportunity to extend a hand to the children and save them all from that dark world. But in the future, I will do whatever I can.

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