Children Effects

A study was conducted on the influence of the number of siblings on children was carried out in Turkey. In the studies conducted, it was determined that children with a large number of siblings are more successful in life.

As a result, it was more difficult to identify children with more than one sibling, they were better able to express themselves and were more successful. Accordingly, 68% of children with more than one sibling are more successful at adapting and making friends. In the group study, the success rate of children with more than one sibling was 64 percent higher. In October, 79% of children with more than one sibling manage their money better and are more frugal. They say that children with a lot of siblings who have learned to defend their rights in conflicts between siblings are struggling to get more love dec Children with more than one sibling are more successful in their careers and school life because single children know that all the attention is on them. But brothers and sisters should not answer questions when teaching each other, they should just help. Otherwise, you will not learn, you will only answer questions. If you want to improve yourself, you have to work hard and have fun. Children with siblings have fun together. If a person who has had a happy childhood is successful in his studies, then his academic performance will also be good. The older brother becomes an example to the younger brother. When you think about it, working with someone or making them work for you instead of working alone from home can both increase your motivation and make you see, realize and correct your missing points. If you can’t ask your teacher, you can also ask your brother directly the questions you don’t understand. If he’s older than you, he can talk, too. But if you have a younger brother, you can help him learn, so that his success increases. Beyond that, there are many social advantages to having one or more siblings. If a family has two or more children, the success of the elders can be an engine for others. But this is an advantage and a disadvantage. A successful example is a role model, and the next example follows that example and is prepared accordingly. But just as five fingers are different, so the child’s perception and body structure may be different. The greatest responsibility here falls on the family. The success of the eldest brother will fail if he is constantly unable to keep up with the younger brother, and the younger brother is not able to keep up with him. Parents need to pay attention to the perception and body structure of their children.

The final result is when you have more children it will be better for studies or other things as well.

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