Do you think eighth graders’ level of success in Turkish classes changes according to some variables? According to a study, yes it does. Students’ facilities at home, mothers’ level of education, gender, and the number of brothers or sisters affect their success

According to the findings, an increase in students’ facilities at home caused an increase in their achievement; girls were better at verbal courses like Turkish; the level of mothers’ education occupied an important place in children’s success; mothers’ high level of education along with high level of facilities increased achievement more; and higher number of brothers/sisters reduced achievement. In conclusion, convenient educational environment must be prepared at home, girls who would be mothers must be facilitated to benefit from educational services to the maximum, and parents must have number of children at which they can afford to educate. If I give an example from a different example and article order,This study is aimed to determine whether the level of achievement of primary and eighth grade students in Turkish varies according to the facilities in their homes, their mother’s educational level, gender and the number of siblings. For the purpose of the research, a questionnaire was prepared for some personal characteristics and opinions of the students and their information was collected with a 25-question Turkish kontrol that was prepared and developed earlier. The research was conducted through a sample of 30,714 students selected from the eighth grades of primary schools in Turkey. According to the findings, students increase their home facilities, with increased success, Turkish lessons, such as verbal the girls to be more successful on the success of their children the education level of the mother ”özgü”an important place in the house along with the educational level of the mother the success of the high performance of more facilities to increase the number of siblings increases owned of success as a result of the fall have been reached. According to these results, it is seen that it is necessary to prepare appropriate educational environments for the student at home, to allow girls who are future mothers to benefit from higher educational services as much as possible, and to have a number of children who can be supported in their education.

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