Choosing a Path

We are all born into a society that is complex and overwhelming. This world is full of opinions, some are extremely similar as others are the total opposite of each other. Even though the environment we are raised in has a huge impact on the way our thoughts and beliefs develop, after some point we are all expected to form our own opinions and thoughts. Every single word coming out of our mouth carries a piece from our life. Our past traumas, experiences… They all have impacts on us whether we notice it or not.

As he was in prison, Dostoevsky intends to do an experiment on a dog and its relationship with humans. Not after a long time, he realizes that every single prisoner that walks next to it kicks the dog. However, the dog does not react at all. One day, he proceeds to go and pat its head. The dog starts barking aggressively and it never walks by him again. This story proves that if someone was deeply involved with negative feelings, it would be hard for them to react to the positive ones. This is the biggest fault of humanity. We tend to believe that we have the right to make someone else believe in kindness and the evil.

We are all born with innocent, pure hearts. Hearts that do not know about the bitter truth of this world. This is the reason why children are accepted as the symbol or innocence. They just have not met the harsh reality yet, they never heard of the selfish desires of adults. They do not know what is good or bad. The line between good and bad gets more and more evident as one grows up.

There is this saying that goes like “The abused becomes the abuser.”. This sentence has been scientifically proven. Not all victims of abuse will go on to abuse others, but studies suggest that about one-third of them will. Different kinds of traumas has different responses on everyone, however, the way a child was treated it what determines their place in a society where we all are separated  as “good” or “bad”.

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