Once upon a time there was Cinderella. She had a fairy. One day in the breakfast, they got an invitation mail in their iphone. In the message it was writing;
– Dear people, this is an invitation. There is a dance party starting at 09.00 p.m to midnight.
– Note: the party’s name is Royal Dance Party, street is Patient Street, place is Best Party Ever,
activity dancing, floor 3.
When the girls read it ( except Cinderella) the girls screamed. Cinderella wanted to go but her
mom didn’t accept. When they went Cinderella’s fairy was standing in front of her. Her fairy said “ Do you want to go to the party?” “ Yes I want but my mom doesn’t accept” answered Cinderella. “ Okay, Im taking you to party but promise me, I will turn your bad dress to a new dress but don’t turn anything what you want or I will turn you into a pumkin.”said the fairy “ Yes I promise” answered Cinderella. Fairy turned her dress to a beautiful dress. When the fairy went to home Cinderella started to turn things with touching what she wants. She turned a watermelon to a watermelon skateboard, she turned a bulb to colorful lights and she turned a strawberry to beautiful pink shoes. When Cinderella went home her fairy was in the home to! When her fairy saw her she said “ How could you do that! You promised me.” “ Im sorry” answered Cinderella “ No! Just saying sorry is not enough, that means I will turn you to a pumpkin” and the fairy turned the Cinderella to a pumpkin.

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