Cinderella was a beautiful girl. She had blonde hair as bright as the sun, eyes that were blue like the ocean. Cinderella’s mother died when she was a kid. After few years, her father married to her stepmother. Her stepmother was really kind to her. Also, she had two stepsisters, they were kind to her, too. One day her stepmother got an invitation to a party. They decided to go together to the party. Cinderella, her stepmother and her stepsisters went shopping. They found a lot of good dresses. Cinderella got a dress that was blue and looked like it had diamonds on it. Her stepmother got a green dress and her stepsisters got pink and purple dresses. They went to the party with a rented limousine. The party was so fun. Cinderella met someone while dancing with her stepsisters. His name was Jack. They talked together, danced together and laughed together. After few hours, Cinderella noticed that it was getting late and they needed to go home or her dad would be worried. While going to the limousine her shoe fell. Jack shouted at her that her shoe fell off. Cinderella heard him and went there quickly. She got her shoe and thanked him. She went home and never saw Jack ever again. Also, she lived happily ever after.

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