Circumstential Judgement

Justice systems all around the world usually vary from each other with small changes but at the very core, they are all the same. Because their origin is the same: morals. So if we set this whole system on morals, would it be fair to call a person who was involved with a crime bad? Or is it an acceptable judgement when the reasons are not fully considered?

First of all a criminal record does not indicate that a person is good or bad. Because it is only natural for humans to make mistakes. It is the main source of learning and we would not be able to do that without any experience. So the mistakes we make are not that important on their own but they gain meaning with the way we act after making a mistake. Continueing to make the same mistakes could perhaps make us a bad person. Because it would show that we do not care about the harm we have done on other being around us and that we are selfish. But it we learn from our mistakes and try not to repeat them, even if we slip up spmetimes, it would mean a lot. For instance that we care about the people around us, or that we have good intentions at heart and we do not want to give harm to beings around us. So basically it would make us a good person.

Secondly, as for the justice systems, even if they differentiate from each other by small changes at the core they all rely on the same thing and that is morals. Morals are the gut feeling every human has that basically tells them is something is good or bad. So if are to judge a case, we should always consider the reasons behind every action. Because even if it may be seen that the plain act and the outcome is what is important, it is the opposite way. The intentions matter more because good and bad are circumstencial terms. So in the end the thing you do does not matter as much as the reasons behind it.

To summarise, no. It would not be fair to call a person bad because of their crimes and it is not acceptable to form a judgement without considering the reasons. For example getting involved with a crime would not make you a bad person if you did it to feed a starved child. Because the actions taken in this example are morally acceptable when given insight about the situation.

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