Citizens Of The Pink World

“As a woman, I have no country,” says Virginia Woolf. I do not and cannot guess what you understood from the quotation. One thing I know is that this apothegm briefly explains what we have been going through nowadays. Let’s go deeper into feminism and women’s rights to understand things


Firstly, each individual’s level of being welcomed in society is, crystal-clearly, diverse. If you live in a developed residential area, you are lucky as there will be innovative and open-minded people. If you live in an area with uneducated, non-productive individuals, you may experience extremely upsetting consequences. Researchers from the UN Sustainable Development Goals Department report that regions with lower IQ levels have been struggling to validate the “10th Goal” to their culture. This goal aims on reducing inequalities. Therefore women will not be obligated to do certain activities. Such as cooking, cleaning, etc.

Consider being a woman in Equatorial Guinea. Your whole life span and family tree passed in that certain neighborhood. Would you like to leave your culture just because a year 9 student wrote about inequality? I do not think so.

Additionally, there are also those who live in unequal places. For example, we often come across people who advocate gender inequality. In such cases, men see themselves as superior to women and want to control them. They do not consider women as human beings, they think that they could do whatever they want and act however they would like to. Or men feel superior simply because they are more tired than women just because “they sat in the office for 4 hours”. Now you tell me. Do they give women a country, or just jobs without insurance and wage which, you may call slavery? Aren’t men in need of a mom? Should they? Should grown men with jobs and social skills (?) act like a baby?

However, if the statement is reconsidered with the following sentences after this, we could get a whole different mind set. Which shows us that considering only one sentence may lead us to misconceptions in these serious topics. She, Virginia Woolf, had continued her word with these sentences: “As a woman I have no country. As a woman I want no country. As a woman, my country is the whole world.” With the sentence we did not think of, the meaning changes dramatically. To sum up, contrarily to what I have said before, this sentence actually represents how every single woman should be encouraged to explore the world as individuals.

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