Clear History

  People, by their nature, do not want to admit their mistakes. Although the fact that they don’t want to admit does not mean anything, because deep down they know it and have to live with those facts for the rest of their lives. But do you think that if people had a chance to completely reset everything that they have done, lived, seen, and gone through, would they take this opportunity?


  If you even consider this as an opportunity, I believe that your brain is playing tricks on you and just using this as an escape or as a coping mechanism. Even if it seems tempting at first, it’s only a matter of time before you realize it is a big mistake. It seems to me if there was a “Clear History” button, people would do things that would cause them remorse and use that button as an exit on the freeway so that the damage they do to their environment by ignoring the negative effects they leave on people, a sense of regret, too, would be eliminated. The feeling of regret is an important factor for a person to both be aware of what they have done and to improve themself, but naturally, when we eliminate this factor, we also make it impossible for the positive outcomes to occur.


  Although the “clear history” button may seem like the most attractive offer we can face when we are going through bad times and seeing life only as black, as time progresses, it will be inevitable that you will understand that this would be the biggest mistake of your life. Let’s think it like this, two years ago you had the opportunity to go on vacation in your dream country, during this holiday you met the love of your life, had the dream wedding and a year later your daughter was born, whose name you have been dreaming about since you were a little girl. Now let’s continue our little story, such a beautiful thing has its price in life, right? On your day off, you get devastated by an incoming phone call while sitting at home, the person on the phone says that he is calling from the hospital and that your husband was injured in a car accident, and guess what, minutes ago you had a fight with your husband because he never surprised you with a flower on your anniversary, like it is such a big deal. And that’s the only reason he was out driving at that moment. I mean, in a way, everything that’s happened is your fault, right? Having a button that can ease your pain for a second seems really tempting. However, if you press this button, all the moments of that fairy tale that happened before this little accident will disappear. Do you really think it’s worth it? Would you sacrifice a lifetime of happiness just to avoid a week of sadness? 


  In conclusion, I think it would be wrong for us to throw away all of our dreams or lessons we have learned from our lives in a snap for a single small – or big- event that has happened in our lives, and we should know the value of what it has brought us with the good and bad of everything that has happened. It is for this reason that I believe that the “clear history” button will be a very big mistake in our real life.


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