Climate Emergency

Global warming is one of the diseases our world is fighting. The disease has begun to end the world from the inside. Every disease has a cause. The reason for global warming is the people who try to turn the world into a more livable place, but gradually make the world concrete and destroy all beauty. As global warming makes the world sick, it also makes us and other living things sick. Every living thing is the source of life for each other, as long as one destroyed, the other cannot last longer. Can we stop global warming in time?

Global warming has tons of ill effect. These effects are effects of living things. For example, according to the researches, if the climate changes keep going, pandas will go extinct. Because, some bamboo species thought to be extinct. Pandas expected to become extinct as they don’t have access to food. As we all know, pole bears are extinct because of the global warming. Glaciers are melting in the pole and, it causes thinning ice floes. When the ice floes are become slimmer, pole bears cannot live in top of the ice floes. So it effects badly so many things. 

We cannot stop global warming, but we can slow it down. Use the right energy sources, reducing electricity use, reducing car use. Instead, by using vehicles such as public transport, and by walking at close distances. By not choosing non-recyclable packaged products, glass products should be preferred over plastic, and plastics and bags should be recycled or reused. Bleach should not be used, water consumption should be minimized, that is, water should not be wasted. And by paying attention to many other things like this, we cannot eliminate global warming, but we can slow it down. But this slowdown will save us a lot of time. As we are the cause of global warming, we must also be the solution. We will benefit ourselves, our loved ones, the cat, the dog, and the flower in our garden, by minimizing the problems it has caused and will cause us, and even by eliminating the new problems that will arise.

As a result, global warming cannot be eliminated, but it can be slowed down. Not much will be done for it. It is an issue that can only be solved if we pay attention to the energy sources we use and do not waste water. But we have to comply with such things as all humanity. In order not to harm ourselves and the surrounding creatures.




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