Climate of Opinion

Social media is now one of the biggest parts of our lives. We all check it from time to time in daily bases. We see all those stunning and influential lives we all admire, but what makes them that special or are they all that good at all ?

My phone is the first thing I reach for right after when I wake up. I check out the updates that happened around the world and catch up on them. As everyone does I assume I look at peoples profiles and judge them. It is no secret that we all gossip about them. At least all the people I know does it. We look at their lives and admire it whit all we got. The appearances they have or the outfits they wear. Not only those but even the smallest details, like the house in the background.

especially after social media became an important thing and people started to make comments about each other, things have started to get a little crazy. People make harsh comments and say things that shouldn’t be said out loud. You post things like your ideas and yourself without any bad intentions. You just wanna share the good things in your life that might interest others too. What an innocent thought it is honestly. Nowadays nobody thinks that in my view, they only care about likes and being loved by everyone. Being admired makes them feel good, nobody posts for themselves but for others to like them. They think that being loved will make everything in the world better so they post. They spend hours and hours editing the things they are gonna post so nobody  could find a flaw. I saw people that had nothing to do with their posts in real life. We all try to fit in the strict beauty standards that the society thinks it’s the best.

We are forced to be someone else or even act like another. We are all scared to be hated or even worse left out from the community we are currently in. That’s all to blame social media and it forcing us to do what others tell us. It is supposed to be a platform where we all express our own thoughts. We shouldn’t be thinking twice if we look good in a photo, or photoshop it at all. The aim of social media was good at first, but assuming it had turned into a toxic place now I think it must come to an end.

There will always be people where they judge you and feel uncomfortable. On the other hand, that does not mean that this toxicity should continue. We should all consider the other persons feelings while making comments on them. Whether we realize it or not we offend people, not with bad intentions maybe but we do it.

New generations that are growing to be our future all have anxiety because the community drags them into it. No person should be ashamed of themselves  in any way, so I agree with the idea that social media lowers self esteem. We should take an act on it before it gets out of hand, even if it means to change old habits.

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