Climax on Underground

Since humanity was born, curiosity played a crucial role in all human activities. Every work created by artists, every paper written by writers, every building built by engineers… were stepped through recognizing the universe. Additionally, time is an undeniable tool that increases the value of all mysteries and secrets. So, where can humans find the key that opens the chests of peaked human curiosity?

As an impact of this confusion, people have always tried to reach more information about their ancestors. When time progress and new generations recreate the world, undoubtedly, they put something from themselves, and sometimes they are affected by the outer environment. For instance, the plague epidemic caused 60.000 death in Europe between 1347 and 1348. Although we pass those years, we can comment on situations and people’s approaches by searching at the ruins like plague masks. The purpose of implementation is, theoretically, to learn the past generations’ deficiencies and try to get precautions to not do the same mistake again. Therewithal, the sub-branches of history such as ethnography, anthropology, archaeology, geography, etc. appeared in the current world to provide sustainable, conscious, and peaceful life by discovering the past.

History does not repeat, mistakes repeat. (II. Abdülhamid)

On the other hand, the government has to consider its motions against difficult choices because wrong decisions could lead the state to impotence or even collapse, for example, Hitler’s wrong strategy in a war against USSR.

Nevertheless, politicians have the potential to repeat the same decision if they do not take the past as a reference. Based on this fact, investing in excavations can improve government decisions against the economic, political, commercial, etc. conundrum because even a small light of the candle can brighten the ways which go to our targets.

Besides political advantages, there is always the possibility of finding a missing piece of all civilizations. Secrets behind religions, truths behind lies, reals behind dreams, and opportunities to learn science from ancient philosophers, something more important than the asset of todays. Therefore, we always need to be passionate to discover how much it costs because the soil we are living on existed when they lived.

Consequently, it is a fact that a strong basement is needed to develop the country in any situation. However, humanity needs to take the past as a directory to cut fluctuated influence ratio. Also, the sources that we get or may get from the past are so valuable for the investments in the current world.

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