First of all cloud technology means: Cloud computing is the general name of internet-based computing services for computers and other devices that can be used at any time and provide computer resources shared among users.

The word cloud indicates the location where the files are provided. As a classical perception, it has become a cliché that the processing and storage locations are on the same device. However, the storage dimension is shifting towards the clouds, that is, services that host storage and infrastructure services. The first pioneering applications of this trend are clouds offered by Internet providers for backup purposes. For example, TTNET, an Internet provider serving in Turkey; It entered the Turkish market with a service called TTNET Cloud. International IT companies such as Google; It has developed applications that offer online information processing, such as Google Drive. Moreover; Big technology companies such as Microsoft and Intel; offered this technology to the informatics consumer.

It is claimed by computer theorists that the future of the Internet is cloud computing. Accordingly, it is predicted that online clouds will be used instead of computer hard disks in the future.This means accessing functional applications through a completely online network without preparing any infrastructure in computing devices. It is argued that with the development of this sector, companies that provide information distribution, especially in societies that consume information technology, will come to an important position, and even competition in the sector may cause legal problems. Because the way to shift all computing applications to online infrastructure; It carries the risk of causing unwanted access to personal information.



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