Cloud Technology

First of all, I would like to give information about Cloud technology.

Storage of data in the cloud in pools created virtually by servers on the network. There are several companies that
operate large-scale data centers and offer storage. Cloud storage saves your files and your files will not be damaged
even if the computer crashes.

Cloud storage company examples:

google drive

Although the development of cloud technology reduces technological threats, this does not mean that it will never happen.
This is a problem, so we must take precautions against any danger. The cloud storage we mentioned at the beginning is
created virtually by servers on the network. so this is virtualstorage, for example if you have a problem with the server
your photos can be deleted, of course they are impossible nowadays.
Thanks to this cloud technology, most dangers are eliminated because almost everything they record here is in their hands
until the site crashes. It is very nice to have at hand with one click the things that we cannot carry anywhere without
a flash memory beforehand, since it is not a physical thing, the risk of loss is minimized.
And I want to give a very secret information between us, actually most of us pay money unintentionally because this cloud
application is paid, but there is whatsapp! We use this app for messaging only, did you know it's a legendary app that
will turn into this cloud for you, first create a post to message yourself then bamm! You throw your files and photos
on the phone here, and the result is both space on your phone and when you open WhatsApp on another device, you can use
everything without any problems.

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