Cloud Technology

With the development of cloud technology these days, everyone has a suspicion about the security issue. As you know they can reach our photographs and messages by looking at our personal cloud Everyone has a different perspective on this topic. Someone thinks that using cloud technology is beneficial if you pay the money you can use terabytes of storage area, but another group of people thinks they can reach our data.

Cloud technology has many upsides. You have infinity storage, you can hide your special data there. In spite of they can reach our data, many people use cloud technology because there is a special agreement policy for every different company. For example ‘Apple’ has a cloud technology system. If you want to activate it you want to agree on the agreement policy, so there won’t be any problem cause of security I think. On the other hand, there are some companies that don’t have any policies, and these companies aren’t safe.

To think from another perspective, people don’t want to give money to companies for storage. For example, my uncle thinks ‘It is so silly to give money to companies for storage. If I buy a new hard disk it will be safer than cloud technology. There isn’t any problem with the money. I can give thousands for my privacy’ I think it is more silly to think like my uncle. Giving money to reliable companies is better for me. Why am I supposed to give more than 500 Turkish Lira for a hard disk?

To conclude there are different perspectives on the usage of cloud technology. I think paying money for cloud technology is the best and the most economic one.

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