Cloud Technology


As the technology keeps on developing there are some new things will be popping up aswell.Now there is a new thing called “cloud technology”.And as we know there are lots of threats on the internet which is called “virus” or “malware”.


I want to explain the thing called “malware”.These malwares are used in various places.Like,websites,usb’s or to test the strength of a firewall (firewall is the guardian of your personal computer).You can use the malwares to grant access to anywhere or just destroy other’s firewalls to take control of their computers.Nowadays hackers usually use it to take control of a computer and mine crypto coins on it.Malwares also can be used to steal personal information,bank accounts or passwords.With the developing technology the malwares are getting stronger day to day.You can destroy a computer with it.But why would you destroy your source of money instead of using it?Or you can destroy your friends computer which will probably lead to a quarrel.


So,lets turn back to cloud technology.Cloud technology helps us to do anything we want from the internet.You dont need wires to make any connection.Or any physical transporter like usb or cable.To give an example for cloud technology we can say that downloading games is an example.And what abput the threats?Well there are lots of threats.Any malware you can think of can be transferred by cloud technology.But can we remove the threats?Unfortunately no.It is impossible to delete every single malware on the internet.But we can protect ourselves.With stronger securities and better firewalls we can protect our computer.


To sum up we can say that cloud technology is very beneficial.But it can be a bit dangerous to use it without having any knowledge about technology.

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