Cloud Thegnology with Privacy

Nowadays with the developed technology we continue our  life in digital platforms. We do our daily tasks trough digital platforms and internet is vital for us in our daily life. But as the positive effects there are many negative effects as well for example online platforms can distract teenagers and the students and their academic performance  can decrease add to that some platforms are not safe and can be dangerous for usesers. Can cloud thegnology prevent danger.

Cloud thegnology is the general name of the digital systems and the connection between them. The connection between the systems is in a high level because of that we can acsess where we want easily.Cloud thegnology can store data and information and also rearange and orginise data as well because of these abilities cloud thegnology is vital for our life.

Can cloud thegnology protect us from the threthes that come from the dark side of internet.There are some antivirus programmes inside the cloud thechnology this programmes can prevent viruses destroy our computers files and our private information.But of cource this is not enough nowerdays virusues started to improve  their operating systems and in spite of this problem cloud technology should devolop their systems as well.Cloud technologies help to complete our daiy taskes and show us many sources to search a lot.

Finally cloud technology has a important role in our life and can prevent the threathes taht come from the dark sides of internet.Cloud technology can help comlete our daily tasks as well.The importance of cloud technology will continue to increase.

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