Coded Beauty

Every individual on this world is blessed (or cursed) with a sense of beauty. We, as humanity, consider beauty to be a changing contradiction. However, changes in this idea on an abstract belief may not be so controversial after all.

Mathematics define every aspect of life, from physics to chemistry, from biology to how long it takes to fry potato chips. Even though some people believe the opposite, I choose to consider geometry as a part of mathematics. Geometry is the language of our universe – despite me not being able to understand it.  As we all have heard at some points of our lives, the well-known Golden Ratio is also defined by the rules of geometry. One can fit every non-man-made object into Golden Ratio. Therefore, most of our beauty standarts are already defined by geometry.

Another worth-considering fact is most people love round and squishy things. There, in fact, is a reason for that as well. By our genetic material, we are destined to reproduce. Our offspring in the end of this process is mostly round and squishy. Some people may call this offspring a baby. Even the word is kind of soft. As it can be deduced, we are obligated to.

Another beauty standart, despite having lots ofexceptions, a woman with wide hips, since it is the most optimal to give birth, and a man who is muscular to hunt. I am more than aware of the fact that these are all narrow minded opinions, however, there should be a reason why most of the people are still sticking to these ideals to this day.

We are destined to like the beautiful. On the other hand, this does not mean that the beauty standarts do not change, especially with globalization provided by social media and marketing. When a person is told to be an idiot multiple times, they believe they are not capable of thinking. The same goes for industrialized beauty. If people say someone is beautiful countless of times, they are. However, there is also a sense of beauty brought by the STEM of nature.


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