Combined or Separate Cards?

There are many forgetful people among us while there are also many with a good memory. Forgetting your credit card or losing your ID can cause you hard times but what if you can combine all of these in just one small card? Would it be effective for the scatterbrained ones?

Think that you have such card which can be used as credit card, ID, driving licence and many more. Would it be an awesome thing or would it be just a disappointment? While having such card can bring many advantages, it can also bring many disadvantages along with itself.

Being a scatterbrain, you are unable to memorise or remember things clearly. By having such memory, you forget things easily even if you told yourself not to forget many times. Using this card, your life-quality will drastically improve.

Furthermore, while using this card your brain will be concentrated on remembering only one thing instead of remembering 3 or 4 things. Therefore the space this info will occupy is going to be less, giving you a clearer mind which will be waiting for you to fill it up.

Although this card may seem like a real life-saver, it’s not as innocent as you thought.

Looking from a different perspective, this card could change your life for the worse. Being either forgetful or unforgetful person, the total responsibility you are taking is not changing neither in all in one card nor in separate cards. The only changing thing is that you are actually taking greater risk by carrying all in one card.

Imagine a situation where you are losing your combined card containing all of your credit cards, membership cards and most importantly your ID. What would be your reaction?

If you would have been carrying separate cards, you would be able to keep at least one of your cards and even if you lose one of your cards I think it wouldn’t have been your ID. Of course, it depends on the situation and the person but I think that carrying different cards for each different function would be a more sensible thing to do instead of carrying all in one card.

If you ask me, I would choose separate cards over all in one card. I am not a very forgetful type of person but even if I was a really forgetful person I would still choose using separate cards so what are your thoughts on using separate and all in one cards? 

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