Creative brain sketch with mathematical formulas and paint splatter. Art and mind concept. 3D Rendering


Metaverse is the software which gives you the opportunity of 3D virtual universe to get rid of the problems of our world. The concept of Metaverse firstly appeared in Neal Stephen’s 1992 science fiction novel Snow Crash. Today, it is developing by Mark Zuckerberg. 

Today, we are far away from the virtual universe. You can see the games that made with VR ( Virtual Reality ) but after a few years later it will be our second world. People will make things that they can’t make in real life. For example racing frenzied with your friends or going to space for years. Maybe they’re not very interesting for you but I just wanted to say that you can do what ever you want. They can make friends there and can be social who are not active in normal world. Everyone children to adults will live in this world. Without our needs like eating or toilet we will not quit from the universe of Metaverse.

After being implemented, Metaverse will be only using by entertainment but after years humanity will use it by doing their jobs or workings. It will be the first world of our life. So people are not going to quit from the games for hours. It will affect our health immediately. We can make things easily so we move from reality.

In short Metaverse will be the universe which is very entertaining. It will be our new social media. But with this universe humanity is moving away from the reality. And it would be not good for our health. So Metaverse is coming with new universe which has different effects…

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