Commiting for feeding

The perspectives on crime-based problems our differing from person to . The understanding of justice something debatable. Some crimes can be tolerable compared to others.
Let’s assume you have no money at all, you don’t have any job opportunities, and you have to feed your children. You first try to borrow some money but it actually gets you worse financial problems. Then your second option is stealing. You steal from the rich to feed your kids, but if you get caught they’ll make you face a good attorney and probably a life in prison. Morals are debatable. According to Usda’s research in 2020 38.3 million people live in food-insecure households. So what would you do? Would stealing for a hungry child make you a bad person? Imagine supposed perfect justice system, do you think you would get punished for stealing to feed? Some might say yes, you cannot rank crimes, they are as bad and as morally corrupted. Some might say no, you cannot find a rapist and someone who leaked exclusive information about the government equal. There are things that are tolerable and unacceptable. Opinions differ when it comes to maintaining justice. How would you feel it’s a rapist was released from prison? Some questions like these interrogate human morals, no one can find releasing a rapist acceptable. Tolerable stuff differs with exclusive detail. You steal because you had to, no one steals just because they wanted. Most people who urges to steal suffer from basic needs or in bad condition. But things such as rape and hate crimes cannot be tolerated considering with my morals. I think there’s no way that raping is a necessity. In some conditions murder can be acceptable if it’s self-defense, but there is no ideological self-defense in possible rape situations. While stealing to make someone else happier is punished, because of the decisions, some judges conclude guilty people walk on the streets. People who steal already know the risks and problems their crime can bring.
In conclusion, nothing can be considered making you a bad person, just because of small details. Many people get mistreated because of the judicial authorities make. No one would consider your crime as a serious crime without seeking a reason behind it.

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