Common Medical Misconceptions

We all have our own ways of treatment, whether if it’s herbs or rest, we all know whats best for us. Or do we?

There’s a current outrage from parents claiming that vaccines can cause flu or even autism. Although the body can develop a low-grade fever in response to any vaccine, rumors that they can cause flu or autism is an outright lie. Many protests and campaigns were held in the US regarding this misconception. Many unvaccinated children have been causing many illnesses’ to spread. A measles outbreak even took place in the US.

The flu shot contains dead flu viruses, but they are dead. No link between vaccinations and the risk of a child developing autism has been found.

Cold Weather Makes You Sick
This myth is common, but it’s not true. Turns out, people are no more likely to get sick after sniffing cold germs. Cold air does not make a difference in people’s recovery time from a cold nor does it make you more susceptible to viruses. A research took place in New England where scientists exposed cold people to rhinovirus, the results were no different.

You Should Drink At Least 8 Glasses of Water Everyday
Most of your daily water take comes from the food you eat, on the other hand, drinking 8 glasses of water everyday is proven to be no more healthy than drinking only when you’re thirsty. It’s more likely a marketing scheme. Just make sure you don’t forget to drink water.

You Should Wait An Hour After Eating Before You Go Swimming
This myth sure has ruined many afternoons, forcing people to wait before swimming. All that because they were careless to down a sandwich. There is no special reason not to swim after eating.
It can sure be uncomfortable, but it’s pretty safe and sound.

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