Common World, Common Problem

One of the current problems that continues today, in the future and even since our past is global warming. Although there was global warming in the past, we did not pay much attention and were not aware of it. We didn’t take things as seriously as we could. However, today we see that global warming is a big problem for us now. This danger will be much greater in the future than it is now. 

Global warming does not only negatively affect people, but all living things and our environment are in danger too. Social awareness is beginning to emerge on this subject, which has been discussed recently. In this way, perhaps we can slow down global warming a little more. However, this does not mean that there will never be global warming. We can only slow down a little more thanks to these awareness.

Of course, there are some things we can do to stop global warming in time. One of them is to create social awareness, as I mentioned before. I predict that the use of social media in social awareness will also provide great benefits. In this way, an area where social media can be used beneficially is created. 

Apart from this, it also plays a very important role for people to have knowledge about this subject. The more people are informed about the issue, the more it will be considered. Good and accurate resources will be needed for people to have ideas and knowledge about this serious subject. My opinion is that global warming should be taught in detail to children in schools. Although it has been mentioned superficially at the moment, I still do not think that the necessary details have been mentioned. However, if it is explained in more detail, the level of awareness and knowledge will increase in an instant. 

Besides, we must make sure that the sources on the Internet are correct. Sometimes there is too much information, as well as wrong information, and we need to pay attention to them. After understanding the basics, little details remain. For example, the lighting used in the environment, the bags in the shopping, the clothes we buy, the perfumes we spray… 

Recently, given that global warming is already bad, we must also ensure that things are prevented before they get worse. Maybe not in our generations, but let’s not forget that future generations also have the right to live without any problems. 

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