Complicated Situation That We Can Not Control Anymore

           What is Under Population? Let’s start with that. Under Population is a situation who (few people) is being supported to a good standard of living, by the resources of area or a region that you continue to your life. I really want to show you the effects of Under Population to inform people that, why we can not control the increasing population.

           Let’s be real and talk about the positive effects of Under Population. There are several positive effects of Under Population, and I want to talk about allmost all of them. First of all there are enough employment opportunities for everyone. You can not say that there isn’t, maybe you can not take the job that you want, but there are enough opportunities for everyone. Secondly There are fewer instances of overcrowding, and actually that is very helpful for all of the living things around the Under Population region or area. There are lower levels of poverty and that is also good for the economy of the region or place. Because you know increasing population is such a complicated situation that whole world can not get out of it. I mean not the entire world Hitler or any other human that tried to make solution for increasing population, but as the result they failed, they just slow down the Under Population situations. This one I really love this one and I want to share with you. There are adequate educational, medical and other facilities to meet everyone’s needs. In present day which country or region or town has the enough educational, medical or other facilities to meet everyone’s needs? I could easily say that none of them. None of them has enough power or supply that help every human around that country or region.

Over-population and under-population - Internet Geography

So let’s talk about the negative effects of Under Population. What do you think, what are they? I am asking these question to think about your future, what is going to be about, do you think that there will more than enough people that they could live in this world? I guess we’ll learn by our experience. Because clearly world doesn’t cares about that. First of all the lack of adequate labour leads to low productivity. Without power and energy, nothing is produced and this brings with it many problems. Secondly there are lesser taxpayers leading to low income for the government, and the government loses it’s power and this brings with it many problems too. Finally not enough people to develop the natural resources of the country.

          As a result, we can not control the effects of population we can’t even control the increasing population but if people who lives on this planet and let the people who tried or tries to decraese population, we… this planet might have a chance to survive. People who lives in this planet thinks that there will be better lives in the future but if we keep go like this, there won’t be. people have always opposed mass murders or all the bad things that have happened because they feared that these bad things might be the answer for a better future.

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