Computer Games and Traditional Games

In my opinion, computer games are simply better than traditional games. Because computer games are fun exciting and can be played without going outside. And computer games can be played with our friends over very long distances and if we have too much homework we don’t have to waste time going to a park to meet our friends which will waste a lot of time. Also traditional games can cause injury if we are not careful. For example, we can break our leg while we are playing games outside but with computer games there isn’t a injury risk so computer games are safer than traditional games. The other good thing about video games is that they make you better at geometry and math. For example, by playing Fortnite you learn about shapes and by calculating how much you have of certain thing in games you get better at math. In conclusion, you learn a lot from video games while you don’t learn that much from traditional games this proves that computer games are better than traditional games.

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