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Computer Games or Childrens’ Games

In general, it is said that children who play computer games have behavioral problems, problems with their peers, and low life satisfaction. Whether computer games are healthy or not depends on the child’s playing time. It has been observed that children who spend 1/3 of their free time with computer games are more social than those who do not play at all. Parents are quite worried as they dwell on the drawbacks of computer games. They are not wrong either. However, computer games also have advantages in the mental development of their children, and this perhaps supports the fact that parents should worry so much and change their attitude towards computer games. Let’s examine the pros of computer games together.

Game-based learning develops metacognitive skills, that is, your ability to think about your thinking or your mental processes. Today, it is important to develop metacognitive skills. Game-based learning develops these skills. Computer games, like traditional games, help children develop their own identity and social and cognitive abilities. Because computer games enable children to imagine and produce imaginary products; therefore, it develops and increases the imagination of children.Computer games improve brain development in young children and problem-solving skills in older children. Planning, research, discussion and problem solving skills are required to level up or progress in computer games. Therefore, children have to develop strategies and use their planning and problem-solving skills more effectively in order to achieve their goals in virtual life. But children can also play children’s games with their peers. They can play the traditional games of Turkey. E.g; ‘ Körebe, arapsaçı, saklambaç, yakartop, istop, ebelemece, çelik çomak, kuklalı saklambaç, çatlak patlak, birdir bir, ip atlama…’ These games will contribute to their social lives in the future in a very positive way. But children who play for hours at the computer cannot acquire these skills.

I find it more accurate and useful for children to play traditional games of their own country or other countries with their friends, compared to computer games. Because when I look back at my childhood when I grow up, I want to have accumulated unforgettable friendships and memories, not to be rotten at the computer. That’s why I choose games that can be played with friends.

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