Since two thousand we have computer games in our life. People think that computer games are doing persons unsocial and addicted person. When we were child our families saying that don’t look phone, don’t play computer games, go outside and play traditional games… In developing world our life center is computer and technology in this direction parents should teach their chıld to use computer.


What is video game?

Video game is playıng games ın computer. There are to choıces to play. First one is Individual games. In individual games there are story that you should do and fınısh the game. You can not play this game with your friends or others people.  First one is onlıne games playıng with other people. Onlıne games generally don’t have a story. Most online games are playıng as a team. Enemy side and our side. Also there are sport in online games e-sport. Some online games examples: Valorant, League of Legends(LOL), Counter-Strike Global Offensive(CSGO).


Parents are thinking that if their chıldren play computer game, their chıld can not be clever ın his or her life and also they are thinking that children’s can not be socıal because of games. But why? Actually video games are mostly developıng chıld brain as in positive side. For example, He or she can be more socıal person because of onlıne games onlıne; games you can meet with new friends , He or she can ımprove his or her language because in video games you are playıng with alien people so develop your language, you are learnıng how to use computer in this generation ıt is really ımportant I thınk.


Also computer games have bad effects as well. For example, children’s can addict to the games and cannot do his or her responsibilities. For example, most computer addicted chıld can not do his or her homework’s. And the other bad effect is if you play a lot, you can have bad healthy effects as well. For example, your eyes can disorder, you can gain fat or ın future you have bone problems.


Traditıonal game benefits you are getting socıal with a lot of friend and you can see them real life. You are doıng some sporting activities, you are learnıng traditional games such as hide and seek, hopscotch and quilling.


So we see the effect of computer games and traditional games. I thınk video games are better than traditional games because ıt is more enjoyable.

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