In a street report If you ask “What do you think about computer games?” probably everyone would say “Oh, you mean my best friend. It means the world to me…” but seriously is it really everything you need?

Because I’m sick I join the lessons by my computer. But in my opinion it’s very annoying. All my friends can go to school and have fun in the breaks but when it comes to me… I just watch a movie or surf in the net. Ok, it may be my fault to become sick. But some of my friends say “I wish I were you. You have your computer with you and what else do you need?”. Well as a answer to that I need FREEDOM. I really missed going to school, meeting my friends or whatever I do in my daily life. I came to a conclusion from like this. Last year we were online. And in the summer break we went to a doctor to see what changed in a whole year with computers. So the result s are… My eyesight has gone too far(I’m literally blind), I quit the sport I was doing for 3 years and I got fat and I hunch a little bit. These are all bad things to me.

Anyways… So if I was in a street report and if they’d ask me “What do you choose ma’am? Computer games or or playing with friends?”. I would definitely choose playing with friends. Cause you know. What would I do with virtual friends while I have the real ones? To me real friends sounds more fun to me.

Uh anyways… I hope you all got the point. So I guess I’ll see you in my next blog. Byee!

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